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Zero Escape 3 In Trouble, Needs Funding


Zero Escape 3 In Trouble, Needs Funding

My game of the year for 2012 was Spike-Chunsoft’s Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last RewardIts combination of heady sci-fi and emotional storytelling won my heart and with how the game ended, a third game was a definite prospect.

Or at least it was before series director Kotaru Uchikoshi took to twitter to update the world on the state of the series. A couple of facts have since arisen about Zero Escape 3.

“But, “in Japan”, 999 and VLR are in the red. They are not selling more than people think.”

“Although we also examined crowd-funding like Kick Starter, we figured the idea is not quite persuasive enough…”

“I believe there is still hope. ZE3 will definitely be released somehow, someday!”

Uchikoshi has revealed that the sales of the games have not been good (to put it gently) and that if the series cannot turn a profit, the company will be hesitant to invest in the future of the series. As such he has called for outside investors and hoping that his next game will do well enough to gather support for the next entry into the franchise.

Unfortunately this isn’t the first time this narrative has been spun in the video game industry and as we all know, maximizing profits have ruined the future of our favorite video game series before. Luckily we live in a new age in which we are able to support our beloved games directly, and though Uchikoshi has tweeted their reluctance for the crowd-funding platform, his desire to make the game a reality as well as the shifting investment landscape gives me hope for another Zero Escape title.


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