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Two Big System Updates Are Coming To The Xbox One


Two Big System Updates Are Coming To The Xbox One

The Xbox One has had a…rickety first few months. That’s not to say it hasn’t been a success, I absolutely believe it has, but more and more all you hear about the Xbox One these days are persistent problems with UI and Kinect recognition and general system fuckery that is really odd to hear about the Xbox One, seeing as Microsoft seemed to have all of this down pat during the last go around on the 360.

But, the one thing you can’t say about Microsoft is that they aren’t perceptive. Announced today over at the Xbox’s official site, two major system updates are on their way to the Xbox One in the coming weeks or so;

  • On February 11, a mostly under the hood update is coming, mostly affecting developers of apps and games for the Xbox One, along with some stability updates for the OS and the Kinect (which means improved vocal recognition). But, this update bring with it two big additions to the user experience; a visible, manageable storage system that allows you to work with your downloads individually, as well as add the ability to manage your install line up, prioritizing games over apps or vice versa. The other big addition is the return of the battery power indicator for wireless controllers, which will appear on the home screen, and also allows the use of USB keyboards with the Xbox One. Other features of this update are said to be forthcoming.
  • Then, on March 4, the Titanfall update arrives. There is next to no information as to what this update entails, other than that it will improve the matchmaking systems and party systems in preparation for the biggest launch of the next generation so far. Titanfall, in case you were wondering, comes out March 11.

Nice to know the improvements are still coming to us, right? I think so.



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