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Best of My Love – Twinfinite Staff’s Valentine Crushes


Best of My Love – Twinfinite Staff’s Valentine Crushes

Look around on the Internet today (actually don’t), and it’s easy to see that a lot of people are pretty cynical about Valentine’s Day. Yes, it may be a big commercialized non-holiday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t just eat some candy and have fun. Around the Twinfinite office, for example, we have a special ritual that we do; I give our writers an assignment to write about, and they do it so I don’t get mad at them. Doesn’t that sound like FUN?

So what we’ve got for you here is our staff talking about which video game characters they love, and what they would get them for Valentine’s Day. Thanks for reading, and please be Twinfinite’s valentine.





Final Fantasy VIII is a game full of uneven storytelling with a plotline that really goes wherever the hell it wanted. However, it did have a beginning and that was full of wonder and magic. This is where we met Quistis Trepe and she was a delight. While Squall was chasing the odd princess of the revolution, there was Quistis in the background. A woman that cared more for Squall than anyone, yet needed somebody to recognize her. I really liked her as a character, but alas she was a Blue Mage. They are only any good if you use them. Unfortunately, Final Fantasy VIII ignored her, but I still love you Quistis. Anyway I’d get her a candle. With the dominatrix vibe she gives off, it seems like a safe bet that it could be used for more than just making a room smell nice.

Alyx Vance




If a girl can fall in love with a nerdy scientist who doesn’t speak a word, then she should have no problem falling in love with me…right? Alyx Vance is everything you could ask for in a significant other. She’s caring, intelligent, attractive, and knows how to handle a gun. I’m assuming Alyx and her pet, DOG, are a package deal because I’ve always wanted to own a giant robot that obeys all my orders.

Maybe I am just in love with DOG… What do you get a girl who has a zero-point gravity manipulation device, and a freaking 10-foot tall robot as far as Valentine’s gifts go? I would give her my time. With a best friend who doesn’t talk, and a dad who is…well, if you don’t know go play Episode 2, my listening skills and verbal feedback would be a treat for her. Alyx, if you can read this, Gordon has been known to disappear for years and years without any announcement. I could be the right man for you if you give me a chance.





Which character am I madly in love with? Who takes the crown out of allll those JRPG’s and visual novels? Obviously this wasn’t an easy choice. But at the end of the day it’s gotta be Nel Zelpher from Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. The Star Ocean franchise has a ton of great characters and Nel is no exception.

A ninja-magic-user, Nel initially blackmails the protagonist Fayt into helping her and, based on player choices, can eventually join him on his quest. Curt and blunt but not without slightly twisted sense of humor, Nel is loyal, beautiful, and tough as nails. Getting a gift for Nel would be difficult. Unless it was practical, she’d probably wonder why I gave it to her. As she fights with two short swords, I would get her a brand new pair of blades and a warm scarf for these awful winter months.





This is a difficult one. Though I don’t like to admit it, it doesn’t take much for an interesting protagonist to reduce me to a pathetic, heart-struck wreck. I’ll swoon at everything from the dulcet purr of Ezio Auditore Da Firenze’s Italian tones to the stoic persona of the Master Chief. However, there is only who truly has a hold on my heart: The Legend of Zelda’s Link.

On a practical level, the lad’s got a lot going for him. Bonny boy, no family to speak of (which means no annoying in-laws) and completely compliant – he’ll run any errand for you, no matter how obscure, and he won’t utter a word of complaint. In fact, he won’t utter a word at all. Come to think of it, Link isn’t exactly the charismatic, whirlwind personality you dream will sweep you off your feet. So why do I love him? Well, because he’s always been there. When I was just a little girl, he reached out his hand and pulled me along on the most fantastic adventure I’d ever been on, and he has never left me since.

He doesn’t just have my heart. He holds my memories. My beginnings. So what would I get him for Valentine’s? I’d buy him a ticket for a month’s holiday away in some exotic location. Because let’s face it, the poor kid needs a break from always having to save Hyrule, though he’ll never stop being a part of who I am. Always.

Lucca Chrono Trigger




A character that I love is hard to come up with; one that sticks out, though, is Lucca from Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. She’s got brains, personality, and a great story told through flashbacks and side-quests that really give her character some depth. I think for Valentine’s Day I’d get her a custom-build PC, decked out in a steampunk-style case – or maybe just the pieces, so she can put it together herself (with a nice message in a file on the hard drive for when she’s done).

Handsome Jack




Have you ever met someone at gunpoint and known instantly they were the one you want to mercilessly harass on Valentine’s Day? I’m mostly certain I have, so this year, my valentine is none other than Handsome Jack of Borderlands 2. From our first communiqué, I knew this was a man that would follow me to the ends of the earth, or Pandora, firing thousands of bullets and insults at me along the way.

He plays a deadly game of “hard to get”, but beyond the multiple murder attempts, there’s something oddly romantic about a guy setting an intergalactic bounty on a girl’s head. Plus, there’s no denying the sexual tension that flares when you cross a Vault Hunter with a Vault Hunter…Hunter. The first time we met, sparks flew like shiny casings of a submachine gun, scattering during a heated battle. Actually, those were real casings, from the bullets I fired at him. You can send all the deadly robots you want, Jack, it only proves you care. Why else would you name your horse after me? We all know Butt Stallion is a symbol of our unending love-hate fight to the death. My gift for you this year will be a brand new robot army, because I demolished your last one. And then I’ll destroy your new one too, because nothing says “Be Mine” quite like a good robot massacre.

Nathan Drake




Like most people, I was exposed to video games at a young age and I liked them well enough as a secondary means of entertainment when movies or TV weren’t available. But the moment when video games captured my imagination was when Nathan Drake captured my heart. Nate not only exemplifies everything that I love in a character, he is everything I wish I could be. What could more desirable than a handsome and charming rogue who travels the world to collect ancient treasure as he fights villains and romances the ladies?

Nathan Drake is, hands-down, my favorite video game character of all time. What present would I get for Nathan Drake if he were my Valentine? Two plane tickets to Paris to search the catacombs for clues left by King Arthur regarding the location of the Holy Grail (no guarantee if said artifact is real). Why this present? Because this way I can join him, Sully, Elena, and Chloe on their adventures as I have done for many years past and many years to come.





This Valentine’s Day, I am sending all my love. I repeat, ALL my love to a very special individual in my life. His name is known by many. He is everything anyone could ever dream of. He is a man’s man, a men among men, if you will, but still a charmer, a gentlemen, and most importantly, a passionate lover. His name is John Shepard. And he is mine. MINE. DID YOU HEAR ME. MINE. IF YOU COME ANYWHERE NEAR HIM I SWEAR I WILL RI–. Ahem.

This Valentine’s Day, I thought I would give John a very special gift. As my lover, my hero, and my one and only, he deserves nothing but the best. And so he shall receive. As near perfection as he is, choosing a gift of utilitarian value is difficult. However, John is not perfect, lest the rest of the beings in the universe stand no chance for reproductive opportunities. To my beloved, I gift a pair of 1950s Wingtip Dance Shoes with thick raw soles. Designer Aris Allen produces only the finest of products, so it is natural that I turned to him when looking for a gift. Indeed, they are the best that money can buy. John may be the image of perfection in both the metaphorical and picturesque senses of the word, but he does have his flaws. Maybe with these he will finally ascend into the divinity he was always destined for. But maybe not because then he will leave me and I simply cannot deal with that.





I’ve been married for almost 8 years, and I’m going to tell you why I love my wife so much. She is the strongest and most principled person I know. She says what she means, means what she says, and NEVER compromises when it comes to doing the right thing. In the world of video games there is only one person I can think of who embodies those characteristics and whom I admire on the same level; Zidane from Final Fantasy IX.

Following two games which featured mopey, navel-gazing protagonists, Zidane was a breath of fresh air with his bon vivant personality and welcoming approach to everyone right off the bat. He’s a delight, and I adore him. Because Zidane’s a thief, there’s no physical product I can buy him that he wouldn’t be able to steal, so instead I’d get him a job here at Twinfinite. We love positive gamers, and positive characters are equally welcome here.

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