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Twinfinite Loop Podcast, Episode 04 – Praise the Helix


Twinfinite Loop Podcast, Episode 04 – Praise the Helix

Did you guys miss us last week?  Sorry about that.  Skype can be a butt and a half to record sometimes and decided to eat literally all the files from last week.  Whoops.  There was some good stuff in there too and I think we all ended doing weird Jeff Goldbloom impressions– so basically the best episode you’ll never get to hear.

But fortunately, this week, nothing has gone awry, so here’s a new episode for all you good boys and girls!  Yami, Muaz, Andy, and JC (hey, that’s me!) talk about this week;

  • Twitch Plays Pokemon
  • Will the new Smash Bros make a difference in moving Wii U’s?
  • Locking family members in trunks
  • This is why

Sounds pretty exciting, right?  Well then get straight to listening with the new episode right here, or if you’d rather, you can subscribe to the RSS feed with your feed thingy of choice!

Hope you guys enjoy, and thanks for listening!

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