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Towerfall Ascension gets PS4 Release Date


Towerfall Ascension gets PS4 Release Date

Matt Thorson announced via the PlayStation blog today that his upcoming indie game, Towerfall Ascension, is set to hit the PlayStation store on March 11th in North America.

Towerfall Ascension is what Matt describes as a “4-player archery combat platformer”. From the looks of it, it definitely seems like the kind of game that is the most fun when you’re playing with other people and slowly chipping away at years of friendship. At its core, the game is meant to be played with others and is inspired by classics from the age of local multiplayer.

In addition to a 1-2 player co-op Quest mode, there will be a 4-player versus mode featuring 50 new arenas. In essence, the Quest mode is like the versus arenas with the main difference being that the goal is for you (and your friend, if you so choose) to defend against monsters that are spawned. You’ll have different content to explore in the Quest mode and likely more time since you won’t have to worry so much about your friends killing you.

The PlayStation 4 hasn’t had a whole lot in the way of local multiplayer games just yet, so if you’re looking to buy something that you can play with your friends in real life (that sounds kind of weird, but it’s true) Towerfall Ascension looks like the game for you.

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