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The Plan Review – A Short Flight


The Plan Review – A Short Flight

This is a tough one to review. The challenge with discussing The Plan is not because it is a complicated game, but rather, because it isn’t. Taking all of ten minutes to complete if you take your time, this brief but well-made little gem is a quickly-completed but interesting look at fate, or death, or maybe even the meaningless nature of gaming in general. I’m not entirely sure what the real “point” is, or if there’s supposed to be one, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

The Plan is extremely simplistic, though the art and music are wonderfully done and create an engrossing ambiance. You take control of a fly, floating ever upward in a short journey. Along the way, gusts of wind and spiderwebs complicate your path, but not for terribly long. The game’s most intriguing piece is the ending, which I’m not going to spoil — since it’s a free download from Krillbite’s website or Steam, there’s no reason not to jump in and find out yourself. Suffice it to say, while it’s got a “lifespan” that’s shorter than most insects, it’s worth at least one run-through for those who enjoy interesting takes on games and nice, simple, beautiful diversions from all the glitz and glitter of the modern gaming landscape. I’m not going to give this a breakdown or score, but if you’re in to experimental things, give it a shot – you just might find that you like the journey as much as I did.

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