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Super Crossfire is Likely Coming to Ouya


Super Crossfire is Likely Coming to Ouya

Last year was  a bit rough for Radiangames. In an update on the company’s website, developer Luke Schneider expressed his disappointment with the sales of Bombcats, his biggest game to date. This also led to a discovery of his. Games seem to do better overall released on multiple platforms instead of just one. So with this great news comes the reveal that he has plans to bring Super Crossfire to the Ouya.

Bombcats poor numbers have led the developer to take a step back into what I believe made him into one of the top 10 reliable XBLIG developers. Radiangames is now going to focus back on crafting numerous shorter games over more time consuming ones.

This worked very well for the developer as it allowed a lot of diverse concepts to be presented in some really fun bursts that could be expanded upon in later versions. The Crossfire games are one of the few titles he has gone forward with and he’d like to create more sequels in the future. Super Crossfire, Ballistic and Inferno+ are all titles he’s hoping to bring sequels to.

I hope these undertakings pay off as Radiangames Fireball is still one of my favorite games on the XBLIG marketplace. This company has the ability to bring some really creative games forward in visually striking ways and I can’t wait to play some Super Crossfire on my Ouya.

For those interested in picking up Super Crossfire now, you can pick it up on your iPhone or PC.

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