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Strider Release Date and New Modes Revealed


Strider Release Date and New Modes Revealed

Remember when I tried out Strider for all of you at Tokyo Game Show? It was pretty great. A nice balance of fast-paced action, platforming, and difficulty. Well, we can all rest easy tonight knowing that Strider will be coming to PSN on February 18th, with the XBLA and Steam releases being on February 19th. This being a digital copy, it will only set players back $14.99. On top of that news, Strider will also have new game modes for gamers: Beacon Run and Survival Mode. Beacon Run basically sounds like a time attack mode as you’ll have to run through checkpoints while slashing enemies as fast as possible. Survival Mode, on the other hand, sounds pretty standard with you getting a set load out and having to survive wave after wave of enemies. Both of these modes will be tracked in the game’s online leaderboard. Oh, and different costumes are also confirmed, which is what I’m most excited for. 

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