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Skullgirls Encore Launches on PS3 February 11th Featuring Squigly


Skullgirls Encore Launches on PS3 February 11th Featuring Squigly

Man oh man, the tale of Skullgirls is quite a one to behold.  A lovechild of fans of fighting games for the fans, but ultimately shafted by big business and their greedy tactics, the original Skullgirls was taken off of the PSN and XBLA at the end of last year.  Now, the legendary fighter is reborn as Skullgirls Encore, through a new publisher.  Encore features all the tweaks and touches seen in the PC release since this past Summer (little to none of them actually ever found their way to consoles) along with the first of many crowdfunded new fighters, Squigly.

If you purchased the original release of Skullgirls, the new Encore will be available as a free download, along with Squigly and the first set of color DLC packs free for everyone for a limited time.  It’s a shame to see how rough the journey of Skullgirls has been on consoles, especially after the game has flourished on PC with constant updates, a lobby system, and generally even more content.

There’s no word yet on a XBLA release date, though Encore will be available as a patch to the original game rather than a separate title.

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