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Have You Seen This Crazy PC Controller? Looks… SINISTER.


Have You Seen This Crazy PC Controller? Looks… SINISTER.

It’s called Sinister (See what I did there? Eh? Eh?) and its Kickstarter has a $100,000 goal with 34 days to go. Tivitas Interactive promises that Sinister will give gamers “the best of both worlds,” in reference to gaming controllers versus using a keyboard and mouse. You plug in your USB compatible mouse to the device and apparently use both to game (The mouse will still be used for actions like looking around and clicking). Something neat about it is that, evidently, you can switch where the buttons are on Sinister if you wanted to. Which makes sense since it looks like a Decepticon. Intimidating, but hey, maybe this is a nice step forward in replacing the keyboard for gaming.

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