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Rockstar Social Club Crew Cap Raised to 1,000


Rockstar Social Club Crew Cap Raised to 1,000

If you’ve been fretting over having way too many friends for Grand Theft Auto V’s former crew cap of 300, you’re in luck. Rockstar has more than tripled crew capacity in the hopes that crews become bigger and better.

In addition to allowing the growth of crews, Rockstar has also introduced a Crew Head to Head playlist challenge in which you can add various missions to a playlist and invite friends from your crew or other crews to go up against. This mode also features a wager system in order to up the stakes and make the Head to Head worthwhile.

Rockstar will be livestreaming a Crew vs Crew battle on February 7th, featuring some of the meanest crews and Rockstar developers (one on each side in the spirit of fairness). They’ll be broadcasting the battles on their official Twitch and Youtube channels starting at 2pm ET. If you think your crew is one of the leanest and meanest and worthy of participating in the showdown, you can email [email protected] with your crew name, a link to the crew page, desired platform, and why you think you deserve to play in the Crew vs Crew battle.

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