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Recent Update to Ikaruga on Steam Adds Offline Mode


Recent Update to Ikaruga on Steam Adds Offline Mode

One of the greatest shmups of all time dropped on Steam a few weeks ago in the form of Ikaruga. The game offers ultimate challenge and the beacon for individual achievement in gaming… which is why early adopters of the new PC version were confused that the game lacked an offline mode feature, meaning that the game had to be connected to Steam to even start up.

Yesterday, Treasure put out and update for the game that remedies this issue, whether it was a glitch or some odd form of DLC. It’s speculated that it was due to the game’s heavy use and reliance on leaderboard and replay features.

But now, if you were sitting on the fence trying to decide whether or not to purchase the iconic game due to this issue, it’s now gone, so feel free to download the game and play it anywhere you want– internet connection or none.

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