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Reading Rabbids – Ubisoft Expands Franchise to Books


Reading Rabbids – Ubisoft Expands Franchise to Books

One of the most heartening things about the last few years of video gaming is how the Rayman and Rabbids series’ have quietly carved out a secure place with solid, challenging, family-friendly games outside the exclusive Nintendo realm. As a result of this growing success, Ubisoft has taken steps to expand into new formats such as television and viral video and now they are moving into the book market.

Ubisoft has revealed on its blog that it signed a deal with publisher Simon and Schuster to produce “a full line of hardcover, paperback and e-books in the US and Canada starting summer 2014. The books will be based on both the game franchise and the smash-hit TV show Rabbids Invasion.” This is great news for not only Rabbids fans looking for more content to consume, but for parents who want to spark an interest in both reading and video games in their children. Here’s hoping it takes off and becomes as much a part of library collections as the games have been.


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