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Proletariat Streams Game Development


Proletariat Streams Game Development

Proletariat, the BAHHHHHSTAHN-based indie development studio working on World Zombination, has taken a unique approach to game development; They’re streaming their development of the game on their Twitch. Proletariat has a slogan of “Games for the People” and with methods like these, it really shows that they mean it. Complete transparency while making a game isn’t only cool insight for people, it also shows complete trust and faith in what they’re doing. Having consumers be a part of the experience in this way should be a step that Kickstarter or Early Access based games should be taking, so props to Proletariat. World Zombination, in case you’re wondering, is a “faction-based combat strategy game” that will have players choosing a side during the zombie apocalypse. It’s set for a mid-2014 release on iOS and Android and a PC/Mac release afterwards. While you wait, though, you can sign up for the beta here.

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