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Oniken's Steam Release Date is Set


Oniken's Steam Release Date is Set

After making its way through the Steam Greenlight process, JoyMasher’s ode to the NES ninja platformers finally gets a release date. Coming this Wednesday, February 5th, you will be able to add Oniken to your ever expanding Steam library. One look at the game and you can see that it was clearly inspired by games like Strider, Ninja Gaiden and Shinobi, but with a unique take that only the Brazilian trio of Danilo Dias, Thais Weiller and Marco Galvão could deliver.

In the press release it wasn’t made clear that this would be getting the same soundtrack and game manual deal that Desura currently has up. I hope so as Oniken‘s soundtrack is really quite a treat for those who enjoy chiptunes. What is coming to Steam will be an updated version that has been fiddled with for balancing and graphical updates. For those that owned the game previously, this version will have a “Hardcore Mode” for people that think they can run through with no continues. Completion of this mode will add bonus points to your hi-score and open up a new ending.

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