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OMG HD Zombies Coming to PC…In HD


OMG HD Zombies Coming to PC…In HD

If you’re a Sony PSP or Vita fan, then chances are you’ve heard of Laughing Jackal’s puzzle-shooter OMG HD Zombies. This game, an orgasmic, monochrome top-down game combining the crowded ‘one against the horde’ feeling of something like Smash TV with addictive puzzle games like Peggle, is coming to Steam on Thursday February 13th.

According to Laughing Jackal’s press release, the PC version of OMG HD Zombies will contain the following features:

1000s of zombies! – Each of our 8 zombie classes destroys its fellow walkers in a unique way, from random gunfire to electric shocks!
100 levels! – From Redfield City centre to the rural outskirts and a secret military base. Unlock diverging levels depending on your performance.
100 Upgrades –Unlock medals to increase your ammo, power up explosive barrels or increase the death effects of zombie classes.
Show off your Skills – 12 varied trophies to unlock, drawing on all your zombie-slaying skills.
Prestige Mode – Complete the game to 100% “Platinum” standard to Prestige Mode and receive a Leaderboard multiplier. “Prestige” up to 20 times for truly HUGE scores!

It’s always good news when something that’s exclusive becomes available. Let’s hope a Steam release for OMG HD Zombies brings Laughing Jackal a new horde of fans. The game isn’t showing up on Steam just yet, but you can find out more information on the developer’s blog.


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