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Nintendo Dropping WiFi Services for Wii and DS in May


Nintendo Dropping WiFi Services for Wii and DS in May

Nintendo’s wifi offerings were always the black sheep of the console bunch. Unreliable connections, limited features, and bizarre options for DLC gained the service poor favor, at least for Wii owners– the DS wifi fared much better, admittedly. No matter how you feel about it though, Nintendo is giving the services the axe this May.

Servers and services that use Nintendo Wifi Connection will no longer be supported after May 20th. This means no more Brawl or Mario Kart DS online play and devices such as Wii Speak which relies on the Connection to even function.

Don’t fret for services like the Wii Shop Channel and DSi Shop as they will be unaffected by the changes. So if there were any last minute Wii Shop games you wanted to get your hands on, there’s certainly no rush… yet. In all honesty, I’m surprised it took Nintendo this long to finally stop the service, but then again, as noted, it fared far better on the DS than it ever did the Wii.

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