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Next PS Vita Game of 2014 Is… Cheesy?


Next PS Vita Game of 2014 Is… Cheesy?

Of all the games of mice and men, the ones about mice are pretty hilarious. That’s why Curve Studios is excited to announce their first PS Vita game of 2014 is…*drumroll*… MouseCraft!

Mousecraft, which is actually not a mouse version of Minecraft, is an indie puzzle game that pits you against the classic “cheese in a maze”. You’ll manipulate a series of puzzle blocks to guide a group of mice to their dairy dreams, while being observed by what looks to be a disturbingly enthusiastic wolf scientist. The game will also include a ranking system, collectables, and a fully-featured level editor.

MouseCraft is planned to hit Vita in early May, and a PlayStation 4 version is expected this summer.

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