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New Trailer for Jetpack 2 Released, Has Jetpacks


New Trailer for Jetpack 2 Released, Has Jetpacks

So, apparently, there was once a game called Jetpack. I don’t particularly remember this retro game, and when I Google’d it (I’m a hell of a researcher), it has long been overwhelmed by Jetpack Joyride. In fact, that’s what I originally thought the press release was for. But no, Jetpack 2 is coming to our PCs from Adept Software and is the sequel to the old school platformer. The new trailer reveals a lot of platforming going down as you maneuver through levels and puzzles using your jetpack, all the while avoiding traps, missiles, and other things that are out to kill you. There’s a neat little level editor also revealed and while I didn’t know the original game, Jetpack 2 looks like it can be a fun time for newcomers as well as, I suppose, a blast from the past for old fans. It’s listed as having a release date of Q2 2014. Check out the trailer above and Steam Greenlight it here!

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