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New Dying Light Trailer Released, It's Like Lord of the Flies in Here


New Dying Light Trailer Released, It's Like Lord of the Flies in Here

Look, I’m all for emotion in video games. In fact, I always welcome games that are more than just dick jokes and shooters. However, seeing Dying Light and its new trailer has me wondering whether all the emotion and topics it poses will actually be within the game. When we checked it out at PAX Prime, it looked like Dead Island but with parkour. You killed zombies, you ran, you survived. This trailer poses the issue I love to see in dystopian stories: How do humans act when there’s nothing left? The theory that, inherently, we’re all just monsters. We’re all just one flesh color away from zombies themselves. (I, of course, disagree. But nonetheless, I love it.) The trailer shows all of this as being a central part to the experience, but I have a hard time believing any of it will be tackled (or tackled gracefully) within Dying Light. But I hope I’m proved wrong! I just know better than to fall for good advertising anymore.

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