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NaissanceE Gets a Patch for Less Frustration, More Pleasure


NaissanceE Gets a Patch for Less Frustration, More Pleasure

Literally, it’s called the “less frustration, more pleasure” patch. NaissanceE is a new abstract, experimental, first-person exploration title from developer Limasse Five. You are left all lone in some strange, surreal, seemingly alive world unlike any other, and you’re simply at liberty to explore and delve deeper into the confines of the abstract terrain. It reminds me a bit of Mirror’s Edge sans the freerunning mechanic. 

While it looks fabulous, it’s been in need of a patch to fix some of the problems that some have been having by including more checkpoints. Just as well, a number of tweaks have been added to fix certain, particularly frustration, platforming sections. It’s been a world of frustration for some that may not have made a certain jump only to have to go through the level all over again every time because of there were too few checkpoints. Fortunately, that’s all fixed!

Additionally, to more accessibility, an option has been include to invert your mouse control, V-sync has been added, and end game credits. Wait, there were no credits before? Huh. Well, they’re there now. This sounds like a game that may be well worth looking into, especially after this patch. We’ll be on the lookout for any more in the future.

You can check out more information on NaissanceE at the Steam page.

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