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Leave None Behind Announced


Leave None Behind Announced

I’m usually unconvinced by games that are heading to Kickstarter for funding. Not that I don’t believe in them, it’s just that we get so many emails about Kickstarters that it’s difficult to cover them all. Leave None Behind, however, actually has something to show and isn’t on Kickstarter yet.

Made in a basement in Australia by four friends, Leave None Behind is a modern look on that classic platformer game where you control three people to solve puzzles in the level. Think The Lost Vikings, but with better graphics. There’s going to be an interesting storyline as one finds out why these three men (AWOL soldiers during WW2) are making their way through the German base where they were offered protection to begin with. Sounds pretty cool, and the art and gameplay tickles my fancy (check out a playable demo here). Here’s hoping when their Kickstarter launches on March 3rd, it meets its goal.

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