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Glitchspace Heads to Greenlight, Alpha Trailer Released


Glitchspace Heads to Greenlight, Alpha Trailer Released

Glitchspace has been described as a “first-person programming game.” What does that mean exactly? It’s kinda hard to explain, but here goes.

Set in a cyberspace world, players can navigate the environment and exploit glitches using visual programming language to create unique emergent experiences. Think Minecraft with more puzzle solving.

Developer Space Budgie recently announced that Glitchspace is in the process of hopefully being Greenlit on Steam. You can visit their Greenlight page and vote here.

The game is still in alpha, and you can view its trailer (alpha 1.1) above. I gotta say, even though it’s pretty rough still, I think it looks really neat.

When released, Glitchspace will have both a story and sandbox mode. According to Space Budgie, the story mode will take 2-3 hours to complete, and limitless replay value in sandbox mode.

To me, what’s coolest about Glitchspace is its real-world applications. Potentially, it can be used as a tool for learning and practicing a visual programming language. Hell, it might even be able to teach someone like me, with zero experience, the basics of videogame development!

Glitchspace is scheduled for the second quarter of 2014, but tune in here for more updates on its release!

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