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Final Fantasy's Lightning Might Return Again…Again.


Final Fantasy's Lightning Might Return Again…Again.

It’s easy to understand why Square-Enix might have such a love affair with its new heroine. Throughout the Final Fantasy XIII arc, Lightning  has been consistently the most popular aspect of the trilogy. So much so, that the newest in the series, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, exclusively stars the heroine (Our review will come soon I promise).

Well if the newest game in which Lightning returns isn’t enough for you, director Motomu Toriyama told Siliconera that she will be returning…again.

In the interview, Toriyama has this to say about the “extremely popular character,”

For Lightning, her story ends here in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, as this game is meant as a finale to this series. But we know that Lightning is an extremely popular character, even when compared to other Final Fantasy characters.

So there is a possibility that Lightning would appear in other future Final Fantasy titles, not as a protagonist, but as a guest character.

If you remember, this has already been the case when she appeared in the MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn to great results. I’m sure future appearances will be similar in nature.

So yeah, we might see the pink-haired warrior of god once more in some capacity. Frankly, I’d welcome it. She’s a badass, albeit sometimes flat, character and if she’s the only thing that survives from the XIII saga, then hey, it could have been that weird Chocobo lady.


[Siliconera: Lightning’s Story Is Truly Over, But She May Be A Guest In A Future Final Fantasy]

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