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Dota 2 Heropedia: Wraith King


Dota 2 Heropedia: Wraith King

Heropedia is a look at the many heroes of Dota 2. While the 100+ choices may seem daunting at first, I am here to guide your way through the massive list. Starting with  the “easiest” to learn heroes, this feature will focus on an individual’s abilities and general tactics.



“King am I of all the wraiths”

Juggernaut too squishy for you? Believe in second chances? Is two abilities too much for you to handle and use correctly? Wraith King is your man. Big criticals, lifesteal, stun, and a free resurrection, this hero is all about bringing the pain.

Wraithfire Blast – Pesky support player kiting you to stay out of reach? Not for much longer! Wraithfire Blast is a ranged single target stun lasting for 2 seconds, that does 50/100/150/200 damage upon impact. After the inital stun and damage, the target is slowed for 20% for another two seconds. With a total of 4 second disable at level 1, Wraithfire Blast is a phenomenal skill in the early and mid game. Also being able to cast it every 8 seconds is yet another reason why this skill is amazing. The only inhibitor to Wraithfire Blast is Wraith King’s low mana pool.

Vampiric Aura – The first of THREE passive abilities on Wraith King, Vampiric Aura allows this hero to stay in fights longer, and grants him good health regen without having to return to base.  15%/20%/25%/30% of Wraith King’s physical damage will be converted to health. In early game, you will not be doing much damage, so the health regen may seem negligible. Once you have gotten a few kills and a few damage items, you will start to see decent size chunks of Wraith King’s health start to appear every time you strike a creep or enemy hero. Since this ability is an aura, it is also granted to your teammates within a 900 radius.

Mortal Strike – Similar to Juggernauts Blade Dance, Mortal Strike passively grants Wraith King a 15% chance for his normal attacks to cause 1.25x/1.75x/2.25x/2.75x damage.  The beauty of this skill is the synergy it has with Wraith’s other skill, Vampiric Aura. Every time you land a critical strike, it also increases the health gained from your aura due to the increased damage. Essentially a free Cyrstalys, Mortal Strike should be maxed out second, before your aura.

Reincarnation – Bane of many new players, Reincarnation resurrects Wraith King with full health and mana 3 seconds after he has been killed. Since this ability is passive, it will be used every time it is off cooldown, as long as you have the mana for it. With a cooldown of 260/160/60, new players should be weary of when to die and rez, or when to just run and save your free life for another encounter. Not only does Wraith get a free life, but when he resurrects he will slow all enemy units by 75% for 5 seconds.  This is nothing to scoff at. A slow of that magnitude will make sure no one will be able to get away if you’re team has your back.



Wraithfire Blast and Reincarnation are your only skills that cost mana. Since Wraith King is a strength hero, he will not have a big mana supply. Due to this, it is reccommened to pick up a Soul Ring in early game. Soul Ring essentially swaps some health for mana. It is crucial to keep your eyes on your mana supply, and don’t be afraid to pop Soul Ring if you need the mana for a Reincarnation.

– Another benefit to grabbing Soul Ring, is that it allows Wraith King to stay out on the field for much longer. While Soul Ring drains health, it is counter-acted by Wraith’s lifesteal ability, Vampiric Aura.

– While the ability to heal yourself through the use of Vampiric Aura in early game may seem like a no brainer, it is recommended to put points into this skill after the laning phase. The aura also effects your creeps, so they will be gaining lifesteal as well. This mean your creeps will be pushing harder than your opponents, potentially ruining opportunities to last hit and earn some desperately needed gold.

– Since Wraith King gets the benefit of a free critical strike and free lifesteal, the items you should build should mainly focus on surviving and raw damage. Phase Boots will boost your damage, and also help chase down enemies. Desolater is recommended as it provides minus armor. Your only means of damage output is through physical attacks, meaning minus armor will allow you to hit much harder. Black King Bar will grant you few precious seconds of magic immunity, allowing you to take out some pesky supports before they can use their spells on you.

– An early point in Vampiric Aura will allow  your team to defeat Roshan pretty early in the game. If you can grab the Aegis of the Immortal and have Reincarnation up, you will be granted three lives in total, a nightmare for your opponents.

– Don’t be afraid to put a few points into Stats in the early game. This will help increase your mana pool, allowing you to cast Wraithfire Blast multiple times in a fight.

– Wraith King’s greatest weakness is his ability to be kited. If he can’t get in range to cast his stun, or hit with melee, he will be pretty useless. Make sure you lane with supports who have dependable stuns and slows, such as Crystal Maiden or Vengeful Spirit.

Wraith King (formely Skeleton King) is a hero that can be very forgiving. With a low cooldown, ranged stun, and a free lifesteal, new players should have an easier time adapting to his play style. Fair warning, though: A free life should not be wasted on chasing an enemy with no backup, play Wraith King as if he doesn’t have Reincarnation. Don’t get too cocky

 Bonus Sound Clip!
“Soon perhaps I’ll choose a queen!”



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