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Developer Hints Rust Could See Xbox One/PS4 In The Future


Developer Hints Rust Could See Xbox One/PS4 In The Future

Rust has become the next Internet sensation then you can just sort of tell that its going to be a very big deal in the coming months and years…if, that is, it survives the long journey from Early Access to full release. The game, a sort of gritty Minecraft/Day-Z cross up that is self described by the developer as being 10% complete, has already captured a ton of imaginations and had plenty of thrilling tales told by its players, but the challenge will be keeping those players engaged whilst adding new ones along the way.

Well, if Garry Newman, lead developer of Rust, has anything to say, he may have figured out how to keep them coming in the future; by giving Rust new lift on next-generation consoles. In a tweet today, Newman responded to an inquiry about tinkering with possible PS4 and Xbox One versions of Rust simply and clearly; “A bit of both. Neither have an Early Access program afaik (as far as I know) – so anything we do is a while off.

Garry Newman may be saying these games are a long way off, but I think that’s the smart move. Attempting to rush a console version of an Early Access game just to keep interest in the now could backfire, and delaying it till near completion is a smart way to play the long game, and bring a big resurgence to the title upon completion.

Rust is available on Steam via Early Access right now for $19.99.


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