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Dark Lands Downloaded a Ton so a Kickstarter to Port It Arises


Dark Lands Downloaded a Ton so a Kickstarter to Port It Arises

Touted as a “battle runner,” Dark Lands for Windows Phones by Mingle Games was downloaded over a million times. With over 17,000 reviews, it’s rated at a 4.70. Meanwhile, I’m left wondering how the mobile gaming market hasn’t taken everything over with numbers like that popping up for games I’ve never even heard of. Well, it looks like my non-Windows Phone owning butt and many others like me will get the chance to try out Dark Lands as Mingle Games saw the success of the game and decided to launch a Kickstarter to port it to Windows 8, iOS, Android, Wii U, Vita, ($10,000 goal) and Steam ($20,000 goal). Along with porting the game, there are also extra levels and a multiplayer mode altogether in line for Dark Lands. The developers say they would of course continue working on Dark Lands for Windows Phone and upgrading it, as well.

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