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Creature Mode and Crafting Added to Nether


Creature Mode and Crafting Added to Nether

In case you didn’t know about this pretty sweet survival game that’s currently in Early Access on Steam, Nether just released a trailer announcing a new crafting system as well as a “creature mode.” Within the world of Nether, there are these demonic monsters called Nethers (HA!) and with this soon to be available creature mode, you’ll be able to play as them and wreck havoc on the human players. Apparently another update is on the way at the end of February that will also include a tribe system. This will basically be like having guilds what with bases, skill trees, and objectives of their own. Players can sign up for a tribe now and receive special in-game items (cash, loot, and a tribe uniform). If you’re interested in checking the post-apocalyptic MMO Nether out, it’s available for 25% off until February 7th.

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