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CoinRPG – Play MMOs Get Money


CoinRPG – Play MMOs Get Money

Of course, there is a handful and a half of massive multiplayer online RPGs out by now, but none of them has gameplay centered around Bitcoins quite like one in particular. But first, what are Bitcoins? They’re basically a digital currency that allows any transactions to be completed instantly and with whomever through the internet, typically used for business, and they have now entered the world of video games.

Enter CoinRPG, an upcoming free-to-play MMORPG from indie game developer Kuroato Media that allows you to partake in your standard MMO adventure with one big difference; you may participate in weekly and monthly in-game competitions to win actual Bitcoins, which, if Bing is not lying to me, are currently worth $626.00 USD per Bitcoin. Yeah, I know, that’s a lot of money. I almost had a heart attack when I saw that. It should also be noted that the game doesn’t ever require any Bitcoin deposits, so you’ve got nothing to lose here.

Thanks, CoinRPG!

Thanks, CoinRPG!

Aside from that, CoinRPG is an MMO, so, naturally, you’ve got several classes to choose from including a Knight, Wizard, Archer, and Necromancer, and an open-world to explore with up to 8 other players at a time, for now. Additionally, you can also play co-operatively in a Castle Siege mode or play competitively in PvP mode. Now when people ask “How did you ever pay for such a beautiful wedding,” you can just look them dead in the eyes and say “I played a free-to-play game.” I kid. Please, don’t take my word for that; I have no actual clue what the odds of winning or exactly how much can be won through the game just yet. 

Of course, there is more to the game than just the Bitcoin aspect; the developer intends to streamline the standard MMORPG gameplay style by striving to get rid of that big grinding element that practically plagues the majority of MMOs out right now. If you’ve never been a very big fan of the grinding, or just you’ve never had the hours to spare for that thankless task, CoinRPG may be for you.

Although CoinRPG is still currently in development, you can check out development footage and sign up early at the official website here for any updates along the way to its release date, which is currently estimated to be around late March 2014. You can also check out the concept in its Steam Greenlight page and ask the developer whatever questions about the game you may have. Be sure to try it out and send us truckloads of rare and expensive diamonds as thanks for telling you about this game when you win those competitions.

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