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Check Out brentalfloss' New Lyrical Game Music Album, "Flossophy"


Check Out brentalfloss' New Lyrical Game Music Album, "Flossophy"

For me, brentalfloss popped up right at the every end of the video game internet celebrity boom, started by trendsetters like the Angry Video Game Nerd. His signature act of adding competent lyrics to game melodies was truly inspired and of course hilarious, right from the get go.

Flash forward about five years later to today, and brentalfloss has just released his third album of “With Lyrics” songs and original pieces in an album titled, Flossophy, which I gotta say is quite fantastic. The album, available for both listening and streaming on Bandcamp, as well as Amazon and iTunes, features songs like “Earthbound with Lyrics,” “Ballad of the Mages,” and his latest masterpiece, “Metroid: Fight for Love.”

Which, if you haven’t seen the video for that Metroid one yet, check it out– it’s surprisingly impressive, both the visuals and the song itself. And if you aren’t familiar with brentalloss already, why the hell not? Familiarize yourself with some of his previous works and arm yourselves with knowledge!

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