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BioShock Infinite Adds Hats to Team Fortress 2


BioShock Infinite Adds Hats to Team Fortress 2

In the PC gaming Venn Diagram, are you somebody who loved BioShock Infinite enough to buy their Season Pass, and also somebody who enjoys the colorful chaos of Team Fortress 2? If you are, then get ready to have your hat blown off…and replaced with a new one.

Irrational Games has revealed on its blog that current Season Pass holders will receive a number of free BioShock-themed items to their TF2 setup. These items include a George Washington mask, a Benjamin Franklin mask, and as a bonus a ‘Mr. Bubbles’ doll like the kind that the Little Sisters had in the original game. According to the blog, the doll can be constructed from pieces around a map, and will give players some added defense.

BioShock Infinite‘s Season Pass is $19.99 on Steam, and the TF2 deal is available until March 24, 2014.

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