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Arcadecraft is Coming to PC


Arcadecraft is Coming to PC

In July of last year, Firebase Industries had been involved in a Indie Royale bundle with their title Orbitron: Revolution. All the games had been listed with their Steam Greenlight games except for Firebase’s. I knew the company had a Greenlight page, so I was curious as to why both the Arcadecraft and Orbitron: Revolution pages had been pulled as this would have been a great opportunity to advertise it. Their response was short. “At the rate the votes were coming in they would never have passed and we are too busy with other games to circle back,” the company responded.

So with that, I hadn’t thought much about the games until I stumbled upon an update on their website. They went on to discuss the issues with working on a port with only two people, but ultimately “the sales of the Xbox 360 version hit a point where we thought that it was justified. Well, that and the emails we kept getting.”

In my review of the game I was admittedly a bit over critical of Arcadecraft, though that had no effect on the final score. The game that originally came out was well worth the price, but you could feel that Firebase had so much more they wanted to add into it. Now that they don’t have the limitations of the Xbox Live Indie Games market, it will be interesting to see what they can really change this game into. The new models look nice and I can’t wait to see what the game looks like when it comes out of beta.

You can check out Arcadecraft‘s new Steam Greenlight page as well as pre-order it through the Humble Store. Also be sure to check out our interview with Firebase Industries’ Matthew Leigh on his inspiration for the game.

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