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Adam Sandler to Star in His Own Video Game Movie


Adam Sandler to Star in His Own Video Game Movie

Adam Sandler is taking the lead role in the film Pixels” based on a short film by Patrick Jean. He’ll potentially be joined by Kevin James and Josh Gad, who are still in early talks to join the cast according to TheWrap. Chris Columbus is set to direct “Pixels” and it’s going to be a big budget production.

The premise of the film is that retro, pixelated game characters are attacking New York City. “Just Go With It” writer Tim Dowling has written the script in such a way so as to  suit Happy Madison’s (Sandler’s production company) style of humor. There was also buzz about Jennifer Aniston possibly taking the female lead for the film, but scheduling conflicts may not allow for it in the end.

There’s still no semblance of a date for when we might actually be getting to see “Pixels” but there will likely be updates in the near future as details get worked out. Hopefully the movie is awesome and lives up to just how epic video game characters attacking New York City should be.


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