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1954: Alcatraz Release Date Announced


1954: Alcatraz Release Date Announced

Daedalic Entertainment’s new adventure game, 1954: Alcatraz, has piqued my interest. While I’ve only been recently made a true fan of adventure games thanks to Telltale’s latest and greatest, the one feature that always grips me in a game is choice. And according to Daedalic, 1954: Alcatraz will have a lot of it. You’re able to play a married couple and there’s a whole lot of crime that surrounds them in this story. Prison breaks, robbery, and even subterfuge awaits players. That coupled with the promise that decisions made during the game will affect which ending you get makes it all sound pretty amazing. We’ll be able to see how this tale of deceit plays out March 11th on Steam and GOG.

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