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Wait… Did Shaq Just Confirm a New Shaq Fu… 2?


Wait… Did Shaq Just Confirm a New Shaq Fu… 2?

Be wary of ever saying anything on the internet, folks.  Human mountain, Shaquille O’Neal was in attendance at CES this week when he was jokingly asked by interviewers at GamerFitnation (which I can only presume is some sort of gaming sports site) if the idea of a Shaq Fu 2 could be a reality, to which Shaq enthusiastically replied with yeses, of courses, the graphics are amazings, and even a couple of noogies.

Many are chomping at this bit claiming this quip is just as good as any confirmation, but we shall have to wait to see what time has to say when any future Shaq fighting games hit the streets, especially after the last fighting game based on pop-culture icon, Way of the Dogg was a bit of a flop.

If the time were ever ripe for a Shaq Fu 2, though, it’d be now, with Shaq riding a new wave of popularity with his bemusing Twitter antics and bizarre line of Arizona sodas.  With Shaq’s licensers trademarking Shaqfighter this past Summer, the notion of a Shaq Fu 2 just seems to perpetuate this trend.

Personally, if you’re looking for self aware and ironic basketball games, I’d direct you to the upcoming Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden 2, which is looking quite superb.

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