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VVVVVV Porting to PS Vita, iOS, Android, and Ouya


VVVVVV Porting to PS Vita, iOS, Android, and Ouya

Today game designer Terry Cavanagh announced on his personal blog that VVVVVV, his insanely difficult, award winning 2D platformer, will be celebrating a “last hurrah” of sorts. First released in 2010 for Windows and Mac, it was later ported to Nintendo 3DS in 2011.

And soon VVVVVV will become more mobile than ever. Sometime this year, VVVVVV will be available on PlayStation Vita, iPhone, iPad, Android and Ouya. It is yet to be determined whether these ports will be released simultaneously or separately.

According to Cavanagh, “This will very likely be the last thing I ever do with VVVVVV, and I wanna go out with a bang!” While I have some trepidations about using a touchscreen to play a game like VVVVVV, I have complete faith that Cavanagh will make it work!

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