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Turtle Beach And Parametric Sound Reveal HyperSound At CES 2014


Turtle Beach And Parametric Sound Reveal HyperSound At CES 2014

In late 2013,  major player in the gaming headset market Turtle Beach was cleared to merge with Parametric Sound, a audio technology development company, and at CES 2014 they are revealing they fruits of this potentially lucrative partnership; HyperSound technology, a method of creating three-dimensional sound that sounds like it came straight from the deck of the Enterprise.

First patented in October of 2013 by Parametric Sound, HyperSound technology intends to revolutionize how sound is played in a crowded room. Where the normal speaker system creates sound by blasting it in all directions with a clear and easily recognizable point of source, and can be heard by anyone within range, HyperSound creates a new breed of surround sound by removing the projection of sound from the source. How does it do that? By projecting sound in a concentrated beam that, when stepped into, feels analogous to wearing a super-high-quality surround sound headset. That headset analogy is not there without purpose; much like a headset, when not inside the beam of sound, you cannot hear a single noise. It is, effectively, a personal surround sound system accomplished without a physical device.

I’m going to break professionalism here for a second, and just say that holy shit, that sounds amazing.

Parametric Sound is hyping several different potential uses for its Turtle Beach collaboration, including obvious applications in the gaming world. While the tech is not out for public purchase yet, it is available to be experienced at the Turtle Beach booth at the 2014 Computer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, so if you’re there, you have a serious chance to see the future of surround sound.

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