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TransGaming Announces Partnership with Toshiba, World Domination Forthcoming


TransGaming Announces Partnership with Toshiba, World Domination Forthcoming

Another day, another partnership announced by the video game industry.

This morning at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, TransGaming, the world leader in providing on-demand, cloud-based, family friendly and social games to TV announced a partnership with Toshiba in order to bring TransGaming’s GameTree TV to Toshiba and its line of Smart TVs. This means that TransGaming and GameTree will be bringing the very first games to the line without the need to purchase any new hardware. More specifically, TransGaming will be bringing some high-quality games (remember that we’re talking about more casual, family games) directly to your Toshiba Smart TV.

TransGaming is responsible for such products as Cider (responsible for a lot of games being on Macs), SwiftShader, and GameTree across various platforms and operating systems.

This announcement may seem mildly forgettable to “core gamers” on consoles, but it is undoubtedly a huge step toward bringing gaming to all kinds of people across all different mediums, an initiative that the gaming industry has been emphasizing more and more as the years go by.

You can read the official announcement on TransGaming’s website.

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