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Titanfall’s Player Cap set in for 6v6


Titanfall’s Player Cap set in for 6v6

One of this big draws of the newest console generation is the ability for console players to finally be able to play massive games online with each other. Before, most games were locked in at 24 or 32 players, but with the release of Battlefield 4, console gamers were finally able to get the the “PC” experience with 64 players online. While this may seem like the new standard for shooters, Respawn Entertainment seems to be taking its own route with the recently announced 12 player limit for their upcoming shooter, Titanfall. Vince Zampella, one of the main heads behind Titanfall, revealed over twitter today that the game will be restricted to 6v6, stating that it is “the best balance with AI for us.”

While many gamers are up in arms about the the seemingly “restricted” player cap, I myself am not worried at all. For one, the main men at Respawn were also behind Call of Duty 4, arguably one of the most influential First Person Shooters ever released. Their track record alone should shut up most ragers. Another reason why I think the cap is a good thing is because Titanfall is not a “vanilla” 6v6 affair. Each player in Titanfall has the ability to call in a Titan. When the player is not directly controlling the Titan, it can be set to an AI mode. So, 12 players, with 12 Titans, plus AI soldiers running around on the battlefield…those numbers quickly add up. My final reason? 12 players leads to more time between encounters, which means less time being shot in the back right when you spawn. This to me is one of the major gripes I have with the current Call of Duty games. Due to the tight maps, you are seeing enemies within seconds of spawning, which is not my idea of fun.

Only time will tell if this player cap will hinder Titanfall‘s sales. Players can find out for themselves when the game releases on March 11, 2014 on the Xbox 360. Xbox One, and PC platforms.

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