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Titanfall Maps Can Be Filled With Nearly 50 Characters


Titanfall Maps Can Be Filled With Nearly 50 Characters

A few days ago, Twinfinite reported that Titanfall would be limited to 12 players per match. This was the sweet spot for the game discovered by Respawn.

A few players were distraught at the news and were expecting 64-player battles with robots to fill their living rooms. For those expecting that, the folks over at Respawn have let out that nearly 50 characters may be able to fill a map in Titanfall. That includes live players, Titans in follow mode, and other AI.

Respawn went on to justify their position for 12 player multiplayer pointing out games that succeeded with low player count and ones that failed with high player count. As a huge fan of competitive multiplayer, I think 6v6 is wonderful. Large multiplayer matches can be fun as well but aren’t as competitive, but that’s just me. The full interview can be seen over here.

Source: Polygon

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