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Titanfall Alpha Testing is Happening Soon, Sign Up Here


Titanfall Alpha Testing is Happening Soon, Sign Up Here

If you are like me and can’t wait two more months before hopping into a Titan to wreck everything in sight, you may be in luck. Some select Origin users have received an e-mail from EA, asking to sign up for an upcoming Titanfall Alpha testing program. But the best part is that it appears to be open for to anyone with an existing Origin account. Head over to the registration page to drop your name into the hat. After signing up, you’ll receive a notification to check your e-mail over the coming weeks.

No other details have been given, but I would imagine that the Alpha would have to be right around the corner, considering Titanfall is due to release on March 11 in North America. Hopefully these signups will work even for those who didn’t receive e-mails (like me), I’ll be sure to update you on any changes or details as they release them.

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