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I Will White Knight You In Terraria – Twinfinight


I Will White Knight You In Terraria – Twinfinight

Terraria is a 2D, procedurally generated sandbox crafting game from Re-Logic. Coming out in May 2011, it quickly gained popularity as “the other crafting game” alongside Minecraft. And, like Minecraft, it started out simple and relatively shallow. As the indie title became more popular, the three developers began incorporating more and more features. Hundreds of new items, dozens of new enemies, and multiple new biomes were added- taking the small indie game to a full feature that would later be ported to the Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network, and even the Playstation Vita.

The only problem with this, however, is that it’s very difficult for new players to get caught up to speed. New players such as Alissa, Ricky, and myself. Watch this week’s episode of Twinfinight to see us struggle with teamwork and attempt to survive in the unrelenting world or Terraria.


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