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Stein’s Gate Release Date Postponed


Stein’s Gate Release Date Postponed

As is the nature with such things, the imminent release date for the top-notch visual novel Stein’s Gate has been rescheduled, though no reason for the delay has been disclosed. The company’s website itself remains mum, and their twitter feed @jastusa (some posts are NSFW) also contains no new information regarding the release.

RightStuf, an anime retailer which also carries a variety of other anime-related products, will be distributing the physical copies of Stein’s Gate.

Previously the date for shipping was listed as February 28th; this has now been pushed back to March 31st.

One of the game's heroines, Makise Kurisu

One of the game’s heroines, Makise Kurisu

Stein’s Gate saw a multi-platform release in Japan, hitting the Xbox360, PS3, PSVita, iOS, and Android as well as the PC. JASTUSA’s release will be available as a digital download and as a physical DVD collector’s edition.

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