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Steam Controller Gets Buttons and a D-Pad


Steam Controller Gets Buttons and a D-Pad

As Day One of Steam Dev Days comes to a close, one of the bigger revelations of the day involves the ever-interesting Steam controller. The controller, which Valve hopes to be an innovation in the world of inputs for PC, has begun to take shape as a product as the company reveals more of its specifications.

Steam Controller

Steam Controller Rendering (courtesy of @TheIneQuation)

The Steam Controller was originally supposed to have a touchscreen. Instead, Valve opted for the more traditional ABXY buttons/D-Pad approach. Not only will this be more familiar to gamers, but in the interest of backward compatibility with existing games it will likely be much more practical. The controller will be using AA batteries (meaning it’s up to the user to acquire rechargeable batteries) and Valve is keeping in mind the possibility of VR in the future.

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