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State of Decay’s Undead Labs Commits To Deal With Microsoft


State of Decay’s Undead Labs Commits To Deal With Microsoft

The road for Microsoft back to acceptance in the gaming culture has been long and treacherous. First they had to attempt to sweeten their always online plan for Xbox One with family sharing and gaming-sans-disc, then they had to announce one of the most dramatic about-faces in video game history, and then they had to battle back up the slope of various things the internet hive mind had already decided the PS4 would be superior for. One of those was indie games, which, even if you don’t buy into the “Microsoft is the worst ever still” stuff, you had to admit Sony was kind of kicking Microsoft’s ass with.

But perhaps that playing field is about to become a little more even; Undead Labs, the developer of one of 2013’s most beloved independent games, State of Decay, a zombie apocalypse RPG that got a stellar review from our Chris Hadlock, has announced that they are signing an exclusive, multi-year contract with Microsoft Studios, who originally released State of Decay as part of its’ Summer of Arcade event.

On their official website today, Undead Labs’ Jeff Strain posted a short message that extrapolated a small bit on the deal; “I wanted to let you know we’ve signed a multi-year, multi-title agreement to extend our development relationship with Microsoft Studios. We’ll be able to share details later this year, but as with State of Decay, we think it’s best if we just keep our heads down and build some prototypes before we talk too much.” He followed with praise for Microsoft’s support, and praising the fans for supporting them this long; “And most of all, thanks to all of you for your ongoing support, encouragement, and enthusiasm for State of Decay. We know how far we’d have gotten if it hadn’t been for your spreading the word, and it definitely wouldn’t be here. You made this happen.”

One more step forward for Microsoft in regaining their step in the industry in the hive mind of the Internet, and one huge gain for Undead Labs. Here’s hoping this leads to great things for them in the future.



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