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SimCity Will Soon Be Playable Offline


SimCity Will Soon Be Playable Offline

Ten months after release, you may finally be able to play your copy of SimCity. In an official blog post yesterday, Maxis General Manager Patrick Buechner announced that Offline is coming to SimCity. Offline mode will be included for free in the next update which will drop on a unreleased date. 

The update will add an all new Single Player Mode, which will let players play SimCity without being connected to the internet. All save games and Regions from before the update will still be available offline. Likewise, any content downloaded from the internet before will also be accessible offline.

The inclusion of an offline mode also opens up new doors for modders, allowing them to alter content without compromising the integrity of the online gameplay or leaderboards. Details on modding are included in the original post here.

The post itself does a good job at hyping up players for the all new offline play mode, but the fact remains that they’re trying to build anticipation for a feature that all single player games have and should have right out of the box. It was hard to write about this and not be sarcastic because, really, all of this stuff should have been in the game months ago. Instead its being added in almost a year after release.

All and all, SimCity will soon be playable instead of being the shambling husk of a great game it was before. I’ll hold out my purchase until the update releases, but it looks like it might actually be worth purchasing SimCity. Finally.

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