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Resogun DLC Is In The Works


Resogun DLC Is In The Works

Resogun was (and still is) a PS+ freebie on the PS4 and has somehow managed to become one of the best PS4 launch games out there. The base game provided four difficulties and five different levels, but after two months that content can become a bit repetitive. Luckily for you, Housemarque has confirmed on their facebook page that a Resogun DLC is in development as we speak. The DLC announcement comes packaged with the news that Housemarque is currently working on a second PS4 project, but no further details are given about that.

Until I picked up Skylanders, Resogun was what I spent most of my PS4 time playing. The game is brilliant, this coming from someone who traditionally doesn’t enjoy shumps. The game is currently still free on PS+ and is definitely worth checking out if you have a PS4. Impending DLC only sweetens the deal.


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