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Release Date for Stein’s Gate Listed on Anime Retailer Rightstuf


Release Date for Stein’s Gate Listed on Anime Retailer Rightstuf

Visual novel goodness abound! Anime retailer RightStuf, which will be distributing hard copies of JASTUSA’s localization of the hit adventure game/visual novel Stein’s Gate has listed a release date for the title which is available for pre-order. The hit title includes writer Naotaka Hayashi, recently praised for scenario work on the incoming 3DS title Bravely Default.

According to RightStuf and confirmed on JASTUSA’s Twitter, Stein’s Gate will be shipping as early as February 28th, 2014. Stein’s;Gate will be available as a physical limited edition with the usual bonus items and as a digital download, which is usually available within 24 hours of the release date.

Shiina Mayuri (left), Okabe Rintarou (center), and Hashida Daru (right).

Shiina Mayuri (left), Okabe Rintarou (center), and Hashida Daru (right).

For the uninitiated, Stein’s Gate is an M-rated “all-ages” (no sexy time) visual novel from Nitroplus+ detailing the adventures of the “Future Gadget Lab,” a ragtag collection of misfit college students with a knack for making absurdly world-shaking discoveries.

The game is heavily based in reality. Set in the Akihabara district of Tokyo, Japan during the present day, it also makes use of pretty believable pseudoscience and actual bodies of research which lend to a very immersive experience.

Add in a cast of star characters and incredible writing, and Stein’s;Gate may just be the visual novel you’ve been waiting to try. You can pre-order a hard copy from RightStuf or both the digital download and hard copy from JASTUSA (product page is safe, but the rest of the site may be NSFW).

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