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Nidhogg Review – Whip Out Your Swords


Nidhogg Review – Whip Out Your Swords

These days it’s kind of a breath of fresh air to get a simple game at your doorstep, isn’t it? Amidst all the glamour, jam-packed storylines, and over the top gameplay that comes with a lot of video games these days, isn’t it nice to find something simple and fun? Not to dismiss the good that the more intricate games do, of course. But stuff like Towerfall, Speedrunners, and Nidhogg, they’re just so refreshing to me. Oh, what’s Nidhogg? Let me explain.

Nidhogg is awesome. Look, this is a simplified explanation as it’s really the only kind needed: It plays like a tug of war match with a twist.

There are goals at either end of the map and you’re a tiny 8-bit human; the twist comes in the form of swords each player is equipped with that you can jab at three different levels (depending on which body part you want to hit, and which you’d want to defend) or throw at the opponent. Your one goal is to get to the other end of the map and every time you get killed your opponent is able to start trekking towards their goal. At that point, it’s up to you to stop them. This back and forth can continue for however long depending on how good (or terrible) the players are.

This continues on, all the while, lighting fast action takes place as the gameplay of stabbety stabbing is easy enough for anyone to pick up, but with many layers that allow for whoever might want to “e-sports” it, to do so.

Nidhogg keeps up with the tradition of indie games being fucking weird. Which is always a good thing, I guess? Reaching the goal sees you running across the final screen (cue you drawing your sword up like a champion, because you can’t help doing it), in the limelight of a stadium as the crowd cheers for you… And then you get eaten alive by a massive dragon.

Pssst… Nidhogg comes from- you know what? Look it up. The more you know!

Nidhogg is a great game that truly shines when you’re able to play with friends surrounding your computer and talking copious amounts of shit to one another. But that’s not to say that you don’t get the full experience playing  Nidhogg’s online multiplayer, or even its single player (I have no friends). From the wonderful  8-bit graphics (they move so LIFELIKE THOUGH), to the music by Daedelus, there are many maps, tournament styled gameplay, and special settings to really make the game your own in this quirky little indie gem from Messhof.

Final Breakdown

[+The charm is in its weirdness] [+Simple gameplay makes it easy to pick up and play whenever] [+Great multiplayer opportunities] [+Lightning fast action keeps ya on your toes!] [-Can be really difficult] [-Will wear off its novelty quickly as there’s not a ton of extras]

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