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New Sony Patent Suggests PlayStation Now will Bring New Changes to Old Games


New Sony Patent Suggests PlayStation Now will Bring New Changes to Old Games

Oh Sony, you certainly like to keep your fans on on their toes these days, don’t ya?

Turns out that back in March, Sony filed a patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, a patent that was published just last week. The patent details how Sony could insert new content into the existing (referred to as “legacy”) titles on PlayStation Now as you stream them from the cloud. In essence, this would allow them to add new content to old games.

The patent filing read, interestingly enough, “Finding new ways to play preexisting video games [on PlayStation Now] can increase the longevity of older games.” Moreover, it also read “In response to this need, game designers have begun to produce mini-games. Within a mini-game, the gamer can be instructed to complete new objectives or challenge their friends for high scores in a format that was not originally designed into the legacy game.”

Of course, this poses some problems, as being able to do this would require that “a game designer reverse engineer the underlying code in each game and then rewrite the code to enable the mini-game to start under these specific conditions.” They then go on to describe how this process would be both time-consuming and expensive, as multiple engineers would likely need to redevelop a single game.

The patent goes on to describe plenty of specifics and technical details, but the gist of it all for the simple gamer is that Sony has a patent for a thing that will allow them to stick new stuff into your old games when you stream them from PlayStation Now, certainly exciting news and an incentive to get people to play older games.

You can find the full patent here if your curiosity still needs satisfying.

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